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7 Days To Getting Ripped, And Laid!

posted on July 31, 2011
written by sean hyson

So… have you been enjoying your summer?

You look a little pudgy, bro. You been eating a few burgers?

Yeah, I could tell. How was your family reunion? Sure, I love noodle salad too. Did you leave some for anyone else? Haha, I’m just kidding.

Wait. Did you say 17 beers?? Who drinks that much? Seriously?

Haha, yeah, I can see you’ve laid off the cardio a little bit. It kinda sucks though. I mean, you worked all year for a beach body and now it’s ruined one week before you’re planning to go to… the beach.

You are a disgusting fat body!hartman


But it may not be too late. Check this out…

Today I’ve got a guest post from Jesse Burdick. A powerlifter with elite totals in four different weight classes, he’s become a master of manipulating his weight without losing strength. He’s also a disciple of Kiefer, the brain behind the Carb-Backloading phenomenon I’ve written about so much lately.

Here’s Jesse’s 7-day plan to get you lean and cut again, and it is simple as can be. You just need the testicular fortitude to stick with it. Commit to it before your next shirtless occasion and you can undo a lot of damage in a short time. (Girls, this will work for you too—and don’t be afraid to go shirtless yourselves.)



7 Days to Getting Ripped (And Getting Laid!)
By Jesse Burdick

So you finally got invited to Suzie Fits-Nice-N-Tight’s summer bash and BBQ, huh? Congrats. Think we are gonna roll in soft?


Time bring out the big guns and walk in with your biceps set to stun. No half-assed effort here or you’ll ruin everything. Do it or don’t.

Day 1, 3, and 5: fasted cardio in the morning.

Intervals. 30–60 seconds all-out effort followed by 4–4:30 minutes at a recovery pace. Repeat 5 times, 6 if needed (or she is really hot).

Stick with your normal weight workouts and do them either hours after the cardio or on days in between.

Days 1–6.5 (the second half of the sixth day will be different)

Eat protein and fat foods at all meals.

7 a.m. Bacon and eggs with a side of bacon
10 p.m. Steak and eggs with a side of bacon
1 p.m. Bacon-wrapped chicken breast
4 p.m. Bacon-wrapped salmon fillets
7 p.m. until snoring. Cottage cheese and almonds

[[Can you tell Burdick is a man who likes his bacon?]]

Post workout you will eat only protein and veggies. There’s no room for carbs here because you need to lean out fast, and any blood sugar spike is going to slow down your ability to burn fat.

This is Jesse Burdick. See what bacon can do for your physique?burdick


A note about caffeine. Feel free to abuse the hell out of coffee, energy drinks, and anything else you need to keep your eyes open and on the prize. A lot of the time when doing something like this, all you can think of is that next Starbucks fix when all you need is a quick bite to eat. So, keep that in mind after you have chewed off your fingernails and your nose is bleeding by 2 in the afternoon on Day 4.

Day 6.5–7
From 5 p.m. until you pass out it’s time to toss it back again. Get after it and shove all those beautiful carbs right into your muscles. Rice, pasta, and potatoes.

Tomorrow night, when you are fist pumping, everyone will be in awe of your awesomeness.

Check out more of Jesse’s stuff at




  1. Gravatar

    05 Aug, 2011

    NY Trainer

    So say I make it Day 8 and Suzie asks me to stay afterward, should I abstain from certain ... acts for fear of consuming carbs? It's a legit question! The USDA doesn't post nutrient values for that!

  2. Gravatar

    07 Aug, 2011

    Sean Hyson

    I think poontang is low-carb. And even if it isn't, I'm not about to give it up.

  3. Gravatar

    17 Apr, 2012


    Alternatives to bacon, I can't eat any pig/pork products.

  4. Gravatar

    03 May, 2012


    What's this do for your arteries and heart health? Nothing like looking good-but at what price?

  5. Gravatar

    07 May, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    Bacon is just an example. You need some kind of protein and fat food. Steak, chicken and avocado, beef sausage, and salmon are fine.


    Kiefer and I are firm beleivers that saturated fat in the diet does not cause heart disease when combined with a low-carb lifestyle. His bloodwork is fine, as is that of his clients, as is mine. It's not a popular opinion these days, but we're sticking by it.
    There is PLENTY of research showing people who eat fat get healthier.

  6. Gravatar

    29 May, 2012


    Any type of macro ratio here? Any certain number were aiming for with fats and protein? Also, it must be fats from animals mostly and not plants (nuts), right? I think I've heard keifer mention this on DH when going ultra low carb.

  7. Gravatar

    03 Jun, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    No ratios. That's the beauty of it. The fats don't have to be from animal products. Avocados, oils, and nuts/seeds are ok (nuts and seeds have some carbs though, so watch out).

  8. Gravatar

    03 Jun, 2012


    Fantastic. I'm starting this today actually. I go to the beach next week. I'll let you know how it goes!

  9. Gravatar

    10 Jun, 2012


    Hey Sean,

    what exactly is your blood cholesterol message if you dont mind answering?

  10. Gravatar

    14 Jun, 2012


    Thanks for your help I read 7 days to getting ripped, and truly inspired me. I bought Kiefer book and following your advice I’ve gone from 263 to 248 i feel a little weak but work thru it lots of caffeine...........dead lift 545lbs squat 500lbs bench 295lbs I am 50 years old thanks again Bruce J Jaworski

  11. Gravatar

    06 Jul, 2012


    No (fibrous )veggies?

  12. Gravatar

    10 Jul, 2012


    What are the portion sizes?

  13. Gravatar

    10 Jul, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    Cholesterol is positively affected by a low-carb, high-fat diet.


    Glad to hear it! Great numbers.


    I would eat some, yes. It isn't mandatory, however, if you just want to lose fat quickly. You'd be a lot healthier if you do though.


    Your body will take care of it. Just get whole sources of protein and fat and fiber.

  14. Gravatar

    16 Jul, 2012


    Realistically getting ripped in 7 days isn't going to happen unless you're already at low BF% levels. A guy starting at 18% BF isn't going to be popping those abs when Day 8 rolls around.

    Also, I'm guessing the underlying assumption here is you're still eating at a caloric deficit each day. Regardless if there's no prescribed ratio of protein to fat, if you're not burning more calories than what you take in you won't be losing anything.

  15. Gravatar

    23 Jul, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    You're getting a caloric deficit from the absence of carbs, but more importantly you're creating a hormonal environment where fat is burned quickly and abundantly. No, a very heavy guy won't look like Jesse B in 7 days, but he can lose several pounds of water and fat and look much, much better. In a month, he could look incredible.

  16. Gravatar

    27 Jul, 2012


    Is this a cycle I can do back-to-back for a number of weeks? If so, what is the maximum number of weeks in a row I should do it?

    Also, for days 6 and 7 when you're eating carbs, are those meals only carbs, or can I have some chicken in that pasta?

  17. Gravatar

    31 Jul, 2012


    Hey , Sean I have a good problem from following your advice
    I got so freaking lean , lost 20lbs and maintained all strength
    Can you do an article one day on converting to a maintenace (body composition) one day
    Thanks in advance
    - I did a renegade/back load hybrid

  18. Gravatar

    13 Aug, 2012

    Gus Q


    This would also be a great way to start carb-backloading, yes? Just extend the 7 days to 10 and then carb-back load from there on out...


  19. Gravatar

    19 Aug, 2012

    Mark W

    Sean can you eat green veggies with this plan. Spinach, Broccoli, asparagus? For coffee can you still use sugar..



  20. Gravatar

    19 Aug, 2012

    Josh Camson

    What if you dont have time for two sessions in a day and thus can't wait a while between HIIT and lifting?

  21. Gravatar

    19 Aug, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    Keep doing it until it stops working (you should be around 10% body fat then). At that point, you'll probably need more frequent carb up days.

    Protein with carbs those days.


    Great to hear. Thanks. As far as I'm concerned, maintenance would just be controlling your carbs and eating them at night or after training whenever possible. You won't gain much if any fat doing that.


    Yes, this is basically the first part of back-loading.


    Absolutely eat green veg. NO sugar whatsoever.


    Do the HIIT right after lifting.

  22. Gravatar

    20 Aug, 2012

    mark w

    Thanks more thing. You mention energy drinks. They are generally full of sugar except for maybe 5 hour energy. Also why cottage cheeses and almonds at night?

    Going to the beach in 10 days so starting this tomorrow..

  23. Gravatar

    22 Oct, 2012


    Can u help me just did a 12 week corse of dieting but now I want to bulk up and put serious size on what's the best food to put size on and I can only trian in morning time

  24. Gravatar

    27 Dec, 2012


    Still can't stay away from beer (you know, the nectar of the gods). Can I still drink beer if only to keep my bodily fluids up?

  25. Gravatar

    20 Jan, 2013


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  26. Gravatar

    29 Jun, 2013

    Michael MacKay

    Hey Matt,

    1) Why do we have to eat so much fat foods? Isn't lean meat better, when served with veggies and other fat containing foods on the side (avocado, fish, etc?).

    2) Also, what are the consequences if we rest less... say 2-3 minutes? (is fat burning going to be much worse? I know cardio is going to improve though...)

  27. Gravatar

    22 Oct, 2013


    How many ounces of cooked weight of meat should I shoot for per a meal...I am doing intermitten fasting eating 3 times a day would 10 ounces be good or too much

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