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Carb Back-Loading Q’s, Kiefer A’s, Part I

posted on April 09, 2012
written by sean hyson

At long last he speaks! I’ve been promising an exclusive interview with Kiefer, creator of Carb Back-loading, for months now. In fact, I was the first one to sit down with him after his e-book officially launched, but a series of delays kept me from revealing our discussion until now.

Believe me, it was worth the wait.

Kiefer answers all kinds of questions about his controversial diet, and then fields numerous other ones about various general nutrition topics. We spoke for an hour and I walked away with some information that I’m sure is going to blow your mind. I’ve transcribed the entire conversation and will put it up a little at a time over the course of this week. Go to to hear the audio of our discussion.

Go HERE to pick up a copy of Kiefer’s e-book, Carb Back-Loading 1.0.


Sean: One question I see all the time is if [Carb Back-loading] can be done even when your body clock is totally out of whack with the time of day. You say cortisol peaks at 7 a.m., but what if you work nights and go to bed at around 5 a.m.? Would cortisol then rise toward the end of your sleep cycle, even though it’s later in the day—around 1 p.m., maybe—or is it hardwired to rise at 7 a.m.

Kiefer: Some people will sleep in a room without blacking out all the sunlight. In those instances, the body stays pretty close to regular circadian rhythms. Your body will still try to be in tune with sunlight if you’re not blocking out sun. But then you have people who are up all night and then basically make a cave for themselves when they sleep, and there’s not as much research on that. It does shift, but it’s somewhat erratic. I’ve worked with people where it’s appeared to have shifted perfectly with their sleep cycle. So even though they’re waking up at 6 p.m., everything is normal. And then I’ve worked with people where it just didn’t seem to benefit them… I would recommend still doing back-loading as advertised. I would avoid food when you first get up. People in those instances who are the most successful also train right after they get up. So maybe they’re getting up at 7 p.m., training, and then going off to work at night.

Sean: So then that guy’s 7 p.m. is like our 7 a.m.?

Kiefer: Correct. In a way, it makes it nice for those people. They get to enjoy the breakfast foods. [When they get back from work, it’s most people’s breakfast time, and since they’ve already trained] they can have pancakes, [hash browns, other starchy or sugary carbs].

Sean: You say that high-glycemic, insulin-spiking carbs are best at night because they’ll cause insulin to crash before you go to bed and more growth hormone will be released through the night. If we can’t eat carbs during the day, and we’re only allowed sugary or starchy ones at night, is there ANY place in the diet for standard bodybuilding fare like oats and brown rice while back-loading?

Kiefer: No! [laughs]

Sean: You say in the book that sweet potatoes are ok at night. I’m curious because brown rice and oats are generally put in the same category by bodybuilders. But you’re saying brown rice and oats have no place?

Kiefer: That’s correct. I used to think that as well. I just assumed that because they were always put together in conversation that sweet potatoes or yams are low-glycemic, but they’re not. They’re actually medium to high-glycemic. They can work on the back-loading diet. But the brown rice and oats, there’s really no place for them.


You don’t have to eat like this to be big and leanbodybuilder food

Sean: It also depends on how you cook them, right? Just like with bananas, the riper they get, the sweeter. I think the longer you cook a sweet potato, the sweeter it becomes.

Kiefer: That’s exactly right. You could eat a raw sweet potato and get no insulin reaction.

Sean: And whole fruit then goes by the same logic?

Kiefer: It depends on the fruit. Really ripe bananas and grapes are really high-glycemic. Mangoes are pretty good.

Sean: So if I’m a strict back-loader then, apples, pears, and blackberries are going to have little to no appearance in my diet?

Kiefer: Maybe some berries. I’d definitely stay away from apples, pears. Citrus fruits are ok. You can include fruit but it shouldn’t be the main source of your carbs.

Sean: Back-loading aside, are we losing anything nutritionally by not including fruit in our diet? Should we eventually work them into the diet, or can we back-load indefinitely?

Kiefer: There’s not anything in fruit that you can’t get from the vegetables you’re allowed to eat in the first half of the day on back-loading. I’m assuming, and I recommend it in the book, that there’s quite a bit of vegetable consumption going on in the low-carb part of the day. People should barely even need a multivitamin if they’re eating properly.

Sean: I was aghast to read that pasta is a so-called “horrible” carb to eat post-workout, even at the ideal training time [between 3 and 6 p.m.]. You mention gluten-sensitivity as being a reason for that, which is a good point, but you also say pasta is not high-glycemic, which flies in the face of everything else I’ve ever heard.

Kiefer: It’s not very high-glycemic, but again I’m assuming people are cooking it al dente. If you cook it so long that it becomes a mush, then it is higher-glycemic. But it’s still not as good of a choice as an extremely ripe banana.

Sean: I think you recommended pasta for carb ups in [your earlier book] The Carb Nite Solution.

Kiefer: I did. At the time, my education wasn’t quite as in depth as it is now. Until recently I thought the whole gluten-sensitivity thing was just in people’s heads, but now I’ve seen quite a bit of research that suggests that as many as 50% of people have it and it’s a major problem.

Sean: If that’s out, then what are your top 5 carb choices on a back-load?

Kiefer: White rice, white potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes, corn.

Sean: No cherry turnovers?

Kiefer: [laughs] I was going for whole foods, but if you want to open the door up, then yes, turnovers, cookies. Ice cream is an excellent one. That was the first carb back-loading food.

Sean: You say that you shouldn’t back-load on your off days unless you’re planning to train the next morning. You say this will allow for an even greater insulin spike when you take your post-workout nutrition the next morning. Can you explain why that is?

Kiefer: We know that what you eat several hours or even a day before can affect how your body responds to food the next day, and even potentially through the week. So they did studies where they tested certain types of carbohydrates with different insulin responses before they went to bed and then in the morning they would do a similar cross-battery of tests of carbohydrates and gylcemic loads and if you eat high inulinotropic carbs before bed, your body will respond even more strongly to insulin to any carb you eat the next morning.

Sean: That’s interesting, because a lot of us think of every morning as starting fresh.

Kiefer: If you’re training in the morning, you have a very small window to get a very big insulin spike with as few carbs as possible. So in that instance it’s very important to eat the high-glycemic carbs before bed to get as much of an insulin response as possible.

Kiefer in actionkiefer

Sean: So if I train two mornings back to back, I should eat carbs the night before that first training session, back-load that first training day, and then not back-load the evening of the second training day.

Kiefer: That is correct. You’re always eating not so much to recover from your workout as to prepare for the next day’s workout. Those carbs become glycogen for the next session.

Sean: You seem to indicate that training fasted, or on just coffee, is best if training first thing in the morning. So if I train in the morning, should I not have the AM Accelerator Shake you recommend in the book—coconut oil and whey—and why not?

Kiefer: No, and my answer is based on a lack of knowledge. If you train fasted first thing in the morning, the upregulation of growth factors for muscle is double what it is if you were to eat before the training session.

Sean: We’ve discussed this before and you’ve said that that information is based on only one study. Have you read any more on that since?

Kiefer: I unfortunately haven’t. But it’s better safe than sorry.

Sean: You mean it would be better to train totally fasted than to even have a little bit of coconut oil before?

Kiefer: As far as I know, yes.

Sean: I would think the coconut oil would be beneficial, and give you a quick energy boost.

Kiefer: Well, that could be the problem. It might be the introduction of any exogenous fuel source that might change that reaction.

Sean: So the AM Accelerator Shake is really for guys who are going to train later in the day like you’re ideally supposed to. But you bag that if you have to train in the morning?

Kiefer: That’s correct.

Sean: While we’re on the subject, the AM Accelerator Shake recipe in the book calls for one gram of MCT oil. I figure that had to be a misprint.

Kiefer: It’s supposed to say one tablespoon. One tablespoon of MCT oil is 100% MCTs, and coconut oil is only about 70%, so MCT oil is more optimal.

Sean: You mention that when training in the morning, Vivarin or another caffeine supplement would be better than coffee. You make a strong argument for drinking coffee throughout the book, so I’m wondering why Vivarin gets the preference in this case.

Kiefer: When you’re trying to use caffeine in the morning to mimic the circadian rhythm that allows for the perfect training time, you’re trying to suppress the insulin sensitivity in your cells. The caffeine alkaloids in Vivarin have a stronger effect than coffee. It’s a matter of potency. You can add caffeine powder to your coffee too.

Sean: When you give these coffee recommendations, you’re talking about one to two cups, right?

Kiefer: That’s correct.

Come back later for Part II...

And go to to hear the whole interview.

Buy the Carb Back-loading e-book HERE


  1. Gravatar

    10 Apr, 2012


    Awesome stuff. I can say, doing this for two weeks, it works. Abs are coming back in...if only you could ask him where beer fits into this diet!

  2. Gravatar

    10 Apr, 2012

    Paul Nobles

    Beer would be back loaded.

  3. Gravatar

    11 Apr, 2012

    NY Trainer

    You can't back-load beer! Ever!

  4. Gravatar

    11 Apr, 2012


    I'm curious how this fits with a Soldiers lifestyle. Early morning cardio/PT session with a 4pm lifting session. How would you backload for that? I mean you're working out first thing in the AM as well as in the afternoon.

  5. Gravatar

    11 Apr, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    You would probably have no carbs after the cardio and then back-load after the 4PM workout. If for some reason you were strength training both times, I would do about 30g of carbs after the morning session and then back-load hard at night.

  6. Gravatar

    12 Apr, 2012


    This was a great interview and am looking forward to part 2. Is it safe to say that Keifer would not recommend BCAA prior to a morning workout?

  7. Gravatar

    12 Apr, 2012


    Great interview and very valuable information here. Keep it coming brother! By the way, some studies have shown caffeine in coffee to not be as effective in endurance trials; although the reasons why have not yet been determined. I wonder whether mixing it w/ the coffee would actually decrease its potency for endurance during physical activity?

  8. Gravatar

    13 Apr, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    the rest of the interview goes into that. In short, it's not a good idea.


    Would mixing concentrated caffeine into coffee decrease the potency? I don't see why. What are you referring to?

  9. Gravatar

    15 Apr, 2012



    I am wondering if you can clarify something for me. I have bought Kiefers CBL book but just wanted to run something past you. If you are training in the morning you should backload on the evening before this, would you backload the same amount of carbs as on a pure carb backloading afternoon training session?


  10. Gravatar

    17 Apr, 2012



    I should have said an INTERPRETATION of studies. What specifically comes to mind is a brief mention of a possible phenomenon in which there may be something "present in coffee that prevents the usual ergogenic effect of caffeine." This is found in Lore of Running by Tim Noakes, MD (4th ed). Sorry for the confusion caused by poorly formed question. Do you know anything about the idea that coffee may contain some sort of said substance, and if so, would it be better to avoid mixing Vivarin w/ it?

  11. Gravatar

    18 Apr, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    that is correct, and there is more info on this topic in the rest of my interview. The amount of carbs depends on how you look. You need to experiment with that.


    I am not familiar with that research but I have discussed this with Kiefer and he still recommends mixing Vivarin with coffee for a greater effect. We were talking in the context of strength training, so endurance could be different.

  12. Gravatar

    20 Apr, 2012


    Thanks Sean.

  13. Gravatar

    20 Apr, 2012


    Thank you for replying Sean, I look forward to reading the rest of the interview.

  14. Gravatar

    20 Apr, 2012


    Thank you for replying Sean, I look forward to reading the rest of the interview.

  15. Gravatar

    21 Apr, 2012

    John Tan

    Hi! I've been reading about CBL and thought about getting it but everywhere I read says I need to workout between 3 to 5. The way my life and work is, I get up at about 6am, do my job, and would only be able to train at night, about 7 or even 8pm. Would CBL still work? Should I consider it? Thanks!!

  16. Gravatar

    21 Apr, 2012


    i', just wondering i drink green tea before workout at 9.00 in morning is it ok?

  17. Gravatar

    24 Apr, 2012

    Sean Hyson

    John, this point is discussed on this site and in the interview on

    Yes, although it won't work as well as coffee as there isn't as much caffeine.

  18. Gravatar

    30 Apr, 2012


    If you train in the morning is your backload after the workout or at night? If i workout Mon, Tues, Thursday & Friday mornings I would backload, for example sunday and monday night. What do I do on tuesday? Do I load right after the morning workout?

  19. Gravatar

    01 May, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    at night.

    On Tuesday, you wouldn't back-load at all. Some carbs after the workout but then low carb all day.

  20. Gravatar

    05 May, 2012


    Hi Sean, if eating fruits like pears and apples don't spike insulin like white potatoes, citrus fruits and the like, is it safe to conclude that on the carb backloading diet I could eat them in the day with my proteins and fats? Would that still be carb backloading, given that I only have a piece of pear/apple, instead of vegetables, with a protein? It would be the ony source of carbs during the day (much like vegetables in the original CBL diet)

  21. Gravatar

    07 May, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    No, do not eat those fruits. They still contain sugar and the more you eat the less fat your body can burn. Kiefer's point is to minimize them. You CAN have some during the back-loading at night, but they're not effective for spiking insulin so they shouldn't be taken in abundance. During the day, you can't have carbs, so they don't work well then either.

    I guess you could have a piece of a pear or apple during the low-carb part of the day, but it would be better to have vegetables.

  22. Gravatar

    16 May, 2012


    Hi Sean,
    I work over nights from 9pm- 7am and usually come home eat 5 egg whites and 1 egg plus a protein shake. Wake up around 3 or 4pm and work out immediately because I like to relax before work by taking another hour nap or so.I use a pre & Post workout protein shake some gatorade in the shake also turkey sandwich post workout. Dinner i have a protein,carbs,veg,and small fat source(630 pm). After 9 pm til 6am at work all I do is snack on a protein bar, some jerky , healthy nutts or an Apple every two hours.... What would you recommend changing keeping ect. Am I suppose to be loading late at night when I'm at work from 9pm-7 am or at dinner time 6pm and til when? How often should I eat these carbs still every 2-3 hrs?

  23. Gravatar

    16 May, 2012


    This looks very interesting and want to give it a try. Right now I'm on a low carb cutting diet by cutting carbs and increasing proteins and small increase fat intake and can see results but feel as if I could be making better strength gains and add muscle while still getting lean if I know how to do carb back loading correctly for my unique work sleep eat schedule. Work out 6 days a week plus my 7th day is usually active rest of some kind light cardio. Sports or just working on a week spot muscle group. I take a recovery week every 4-6 weeks . Would these weeks be low carbs when I'm not working out and just doing cardio? Sry for all the questions this just looks very intriguing and want to do the right thing for all my hard work to get max results.

  24. Gravatar

    21 May, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    I think you should eat low carb at work and up until your workout. After the workout until you go to work, eat lots of carbs.
    Your recovery weeks should be low-carb, yes.

  25. Gravatar

    16 Jun, 2012



    I rly wanna know one thing...

    * My Fasting time is about 14 hours +-
    * Then I eat just Proteins+Fats (eggs,olive oil,tuna,protein powder,meat,nuts,coconut oil)
    * During training - Amino X, during cardio also Amino X
    * After training protein 1,5 - 2 scoops
    * 1,5h - 2h. after my workout - icecream,a lot of meat, rice, some kind of dressing w/e
    * Next just some tuna w/ olive oil, protein powder for sufficiency proteins


    Im not sure with one thing. Is there possible eat something like (burgers,rice,ice cream,cereals,milk) after my CBL meal (which is 2h after my workout) ?
    Or after this CBL meal i can only eat some "clean" meal just like protein powder, tuna, meat or so, cuz those stuffs like (burgers,rice,ice cream,cereals,milk) will go to the bodyfat?

  26. Gravatar

    17 Jun, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    Eat anything you want after that workout, provided it occurs late in the day. Your first meal post-training sounds good. Have another one like that.

  27. Gravatar

    27 Jun, 2012


    Hey Sean great article bro. I only have one question about what I should eat in the morning if I do cardio after I wake up. Should I just drink coffe before my cardio session or should I drink the A.M accelerator shake that contains coffee whey and MCT oil. Thanks for any advice you can give me bro.

  28. Gravatar

    23 Jul, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    Have the shake after cardio.

  29. Gravatar

    01 Aug, 2012


    Hi Sean,
    If I'm contest dieting how would this carb back loading apply if I do morning cardio fasted, and train at 530 I compete at 197 and having no carbs before training I feel like my strength will suffer? Also I work construction what type of meals do u reccomend I eat during the day to sustain energy? Thanks

  30. Gravatar

    01 Aug, 2012


    I am on a high carb diet now 300 lo days- 1000 high days 2 times a week btw

  31. Gravatar

    02 Aug, 2012



    I followed your link to Kiefer's book and tried to purchase it. The link on his page said the product is no longer available. Do you have any info on this?

  32. Gravatar

    02 Aug, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    It should be fixed now. Click the link above.


    If you're a construction guy, that changes things. I would have more carbs during the day and then back-load heavily after every workout. This may be something you might want to take up with Kiefer, as yours is a unique situation.

  33. Gravatar

    08 Aug, 2012



    I really appreciate all the advice you're giving. I have a question to ensure that for my routine I am back loading appropriately.

    I generally work out with a very intensive resistance programme (5 3 1) 3 times a week. I'd ordinarily add in high intensity cardio 2 or 3 three times a week but can't at the moment due to a minor short term muscular leg injury (also meaning I can't deadlift or squat really currently. On which nights should I be back loading? I have just arrived home from a big OH Pressing session and havent eaten carbs all day, will be working out again on Wednesday with a possible long walk tomorrow. Should I be back loading tonight?

    Many thanks for the invaluable knowledge.


  34. Gravatar

    09 Aug, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    Back-load on any night you train. If you can't do lower-body, it just means fewer back-loading days.

    heal up!

  35. Gravatar

    09 Aug, 2012

    Brian Talbot

    How would this fit in for a chef?

    AM Cardio Based workout

    Kitchen 10-4pm

    PM around 4-5pm Strength Training

    Kitchen 8-11pm


  36. Gravatar

    05 Sep, 2012

    Sean Hyson


    low carb all day and back-load after strength training. Your schedule fits CBL perfectly.

  37. Gravatar

    05 Sep, 2012


    If i train an hour after waking. Would i be correct to skip breakfast, only having coffee. Then eat carbs directly post workout for an hour, and then an even larger amount of carbs for the last 5 hours before i sleep?

  38. Gravatar

    09 Sep, 2012


    Hey, great article!

    Question: I get up about 8-9am and I train at 11-30am. I'm having a black coffee or 2 at 9am and then a protein shake at 10-45-11ish .. Is it ok for me to have this protein shake before i train or should I just wait until my post workout shake?

    I figured since my workout is late AM and not early AM I would be ok to have the protein shake as my cortisol levels would already have dropped by then.

  39. Gravatar

    22 Sep, 2012


    Hey sean quick question, you said somewhere that u need to eat vegetables in place of fruits like apples/pears etc. when carb backloading. Could I eat fruits (mainly becuase i like them alot better than veggies) like apples, pears, plums instead of veggies b/c wont i be getting the same fiber thats in them

  40. Gravatar

    11 Nov, 2012


    Hey Sean. Im not exactly sure how to work the carb back loading according to my type of training. I am a dancer. a style of dance called popping. I dance on average 2-3 hours a day. i would say that its moderately intense. I dont get sore but i sweat quite a bit and the dance requires me to constantly contract my muscles. I also do resistance training 3 times a week. should i carb back load on days i dance as well as resistance training? or count the days i dance as my off days and just fats and protein on those days?

  41. Gravatar

    28 Nov, 2012



    So I have a few backloading questions. I am density bulking and train 3 days a week (sometimes 4). If I train on say Monday evening, would i still backload Monday nite even though I am taking off on Tuesday? Also, on Tuesday nite should I backload for Wednesday evening's training session, just have a single carb meal, or go sans carbs?

    Now let's say I train on back to back days (Mon and Tues). So I carb backload Monday nite after training and then do I carb backload after tarining on Tuesday or not since I will have an off day the next day on Wednesday?
    Last but not least if I take off for the weekend (Sat and Sun) and plan to trian on Monday, should I backload on Sunday nite for Monday's evening session or not?

    I am really confused as what to do on off days, so here's what I'm doing now:
    Off-Days 180g Protein, 180g Fat, 200g carbs (in evening)
    Training Days: 130g P, 30g Fat, 600g carbs (post-training till bed).
    My total cals for each day is around 3200 ( I am 174 trying to get to 180)
    The only differnce in each day is my macro distribution.
    Am I doing this right? (FYI I have the CBL book..just confused)

    THANKS! ;)

  42. Gravatar

    28 Nov, 2012


    So I have a backloading question. I am density bulking and train 3 days a week (sometimes 4). If I train on say Monday evening, would i still backload Monday nite even though I am taking off on Tuesday? Also, on Tuesday nite should I backload for Wednesday evening's training session, just have a single carb meal, or go sans carbs?

    Now let's say I train on back to back days (Mon and Tues). So I carb backload Monday nite after training and then do I carb backload after tarining on Tuesday or not since I will have an off day the next day on Wednesday?
    Last but not least if I take off for the weekend (Sat and Sun) and plan to trian on Monday, should I backload on Sunday nite for Monday's evening session or not?

    I am really confused as what to do on off days, so here's what I'm doing now:
    Off-Days 180g Protein, 180g Fat, 200g carbs (in evening)
    Training Days: 130g P, 30g Fat, 600g carbs (post-training till bed).
    My total cals for each day is around 3200 ( I am 174 trying to get to 180)
    The only differnce in each day is my macro distribution.
    Am I doing this right? (FYI I have the CBL book..just confused)

    THANKS! ;)

  43. Gravatar

    06 Dec, 2012

    Roneal Ram

    I've just started this program. My only question is that what exactly can or can't I eat after my workout in the evenings? I skip breakfast as advised. Drink whye protein shake in the day along with other protein foods and good fats. Then I train with weights and do cardio at night. Is it true that I should load up on carbs like white rice, burgers, fries, ice cream etc? And does this backloading prepare me for the next day's training? During the daytime I stay well below the 30 grams of carb as suggested. Thank You! - Roneal Ram

  44. Gravatar

    02 Feb, 2013


    what do you think about backloading for a rower? hour of rowing 6 days a weeks at 5 am and 3 days of lifting around 4 pm?

  45. Gravatar

    02 Feb, 2013


    what do you think about backloading for a rower? hour of rowing 6 days a weeks at 5 am and 3 days of lifting around 4 pm?

  46. Gravatar

    03 Feb, 2013


    Hey Sean,
    Huge Fan!
    I'm a big fat guy and want out lol- I just got done doing a two week Atkins fast and want to do Carb Back- Loading.
    I can only train in the AM due to kids and lovely wife- so carb fast for 10 days (mimicking SHOCKWAVE + SANS coffee) down VIVARIN up to 800mg for training, post workout leucine/creatine/whey, carb back load 10th night meal, repeat no carbs for three days, then backload, and repeat til....forever?

  47. Gravatar

    11 Mar, 2013


    Interested in this shockwave protocol, but cant find it on DH hardcore website anymore. Anyone know where I can find it?

  48. Gravatar

    19 Mar, 2013


    Hi Sean,

    I have a similar question to Spencer's above. I'm a bit confused as to when to back load if rest days are coming up. My current training split is:
    Monday/Tuesday upper then lower body strength/power training.
    Wednesday REST
    Thurs/Fri/Sst back shoulders/legs/chest arms hypertrophy training. all pretty heavy lifting and decent volume.
    I assumed I only backload on days I train ie Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat. is this correct? OR like Spencer was asking do i load on the rest days and dont load on the training day before a rest day?
    Currently on day 9 of the no carb lead up so I hope that makes sense, thanks in advance! Looking forward to first backload!!

  49. Gravatar

    08 Jun, 2013


    Same question as above, although seems this thread has gone quiet. I've asked this question ALL OVER THE PLACE, and it's the single most confusing aspect of CBL... the off-day consumption of carbs if you're training the next day, and the workout-day consumption if you're not? If you're not supposed to backload on a workout day when the following day is a rest day (as I suspect), but you should backload on rest-day when you're working out the following day, then MILLIONS of people are doing CBL WRONG from what I have read all over the internet! It's ridiculous! CLARIFICATION IS REQUIRED!!!

  50. Gravatar

    11 Jun, 2013


    I'm trying to get started on this carb backloading can some one tell where do i start

  51. Gravatar

    02 Nov, 2013


    Very interesting interview.

    I'm on day 4 of the preparation fase now.

    Have 2 questions:

    I will train on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday at the ideal time, 4PM.

    Do i always backload on my training days: monday, tuesday, thursday and friday after the training?

    For example, when i backload on tuesday and friday, i have a restday the day after.

    Is it still ok then?

    Then i have another question about the food of the first backload meal at day 10:

    Kiefer says you can literally eat anything that first day.

    What are some good foods for that?


  52. Gravatar

    03 Dec, 2013


    hey sean ,
    i dont know if u still answer but here i go hope i get some answers.
    i have fairly cut well say 12% bf. but have lost my size too, so need to gain some lean mass as well keep fat low.

    im 5.9 and now weigh 176 lbs ,train 4 times a week and 1 day cardio hiit.
    my daily diet on training days is
    morning(dont have coffee as i feel its make me restless. so morning 10.30am after 30 mins of wake up 5 egg whites with 2 yolks on pan with 1 tbsp coconut oil and cheese.
    1.30pm -100 gms chk breast or thighs(meat only) +veggies like cabbage or cauliflower(100gms) and 1 efa cap.
    after this meal at 4.30pm a pre workout drink like myo blitz or hemavol. then train at 5pm till 6.15pm.
    after 15 mins 2 scoops whey iso 100+ 50 gms dextrose in water

    1 hr later 100 gms rice or white potatos+ chicken breasts 120 gms (no fat in this meal)
    then after 2.5 hrs 100 gms chicken thighs or beef in oil+ white rice+ 1 efa.
    then after 1.5 hrs i have gaspari myofusion with 1 big banana
    am i on the right cbl track for lean bulk?
    on cardio days low carb only
    please please help me. im hunting the net desperately for help on this. thank you

  53. Gravatar

    10 Dec, 2013

    Mark D

    I do a 3 day, push, pull leg routine, and will be training on a Monday at 4pm, Friday at 2pm, and Saturday at 9am.
    Would I only backload on Monday evening and Friday evening? Is that correct, or would I also include a backload on Saturday evening?

  54. Gravatar

    01 Jan, 2014

    Jacob M

    I just started my carb loading after my calibration phase. If I do cardio in the afternoon say around noon and then my resistance weight training at 5:00 will the cardio in the afternoon throw off anything for the backloading of carbs.

  55. Gravatar

    10 Jun, 2014

    Tony douglas

    What am I suppose to do or eat on my off days?? Confused now

  56. Gravatar

    30 Jun, 2014


    im a women of 36 and in general train monday tues thurs friday and sat. ive been researching this kind of diet and it seems different for women..ive just started today to do the 10 day low carb before starting the carb backload. ps i train in the mornings too. advice appreciated lisa

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    09 Jul, 2014



    Can anyone clarify the point on when to carb load, seems a lot of people are confused (as well as myself) when it comes to training on alternate days. I understand that we need to carb up in preparation for the next training session, this then means the day of training, when muscles are primed to soak up carbs and in the fat resistance window, we shouldn't be eating carbs. Maybe I'm missing something simple but from what I've read, eating carbs after training makes more sense, even if not training the next day.
    Please can someone clarify and help us make sense of this contradiction.

  58. Gravatar

    13 Jul, 2014


    Yes I have basically the same question...if I workout every other day how does backloading work?

    It seems to me that backloading serves two purposes...glycogen restore for next workout and puts your body in an anabolic state so those calories will all go into muscle cells vs fat cells to help them grow (backloading post training)

    Does the backloading for next workout carry over two days later for next workout?

    Thank you so much for response...I know you are slammed with questions Sean so I understand if you can't get to mine...but I'm hoping you can lol

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    22 Jul, 2014

    Ed Huizar


    I train at 9:00pm so when do I have to start eating carbs? I read the book and kiefer saids that is safe to start eating carbs at evening say 6pm even if this is before training session so its alright to eat all the carby stuff that he says? like sweet potatoes,corn,etc? Im confused because a lot of articles says that doesn't eat any carbs before training

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    19 Oct, 2014


    Hi Mr Hyson,

    Pls clarify this for me. In the post from luke on 16 may 2012 you said he needed to consume all the carbs before he goes to work. Yet when i see the advise Mr. Kiefer gives in the interview he advised to follow the shedule as prescribed. Even if you work nigts. Shouldn't you then eat all the carbs at work? Before going to bed instead of right after the workout in the "morning"? I'm in a similar situation but i'm confused about when to eat the carbs. You probably won't read this since but in the off chanche you do. Please clarify, if you work nights and workout before you go to work. When should you eat all the carbs? right after the workout or close to going to bed? Thank you for any advise regarding this. It would be much apreciated.



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