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posted on July 03, 2012
written by sean hyson

I’ve never been blind or pig-headed enough to deny yoga’s benefits, but I hadn’t given it much thought in the past. I had taken yoga classes here and there, but with the gym already chewing up so much of my time, I couldn’t justify paying more money and scheduling more hours to go to a yoga studio several times per week. I figured that since I was already stretching, I probably had it covered.

Then, a few weeks ago, Diamond Dallas Page came into the Muscle&Fitness office. If you watched pro wrestling in the late 90s—and virtually every guy between ages 12 and 50 did—he was a big part of the WCW show. What I didn’t know is that DDP was in his 40s then (a late bloomer to a meat grinder of a sport, to say the least), and he ruptured two discs in his back taking a powerbomb from Kevin Nash. It was yoga that brought him back, within months, and he wrestled for several years afterward.

Do you remember... The King of Bada-Bing!DDP

I had heard of his Yoga For Regular Guys book and I was intrigued, but I never got around to checking it out. All of a sudden, here was DDP in our conference room—all six-feet four of him, and he was doing handstands and toe touches in jeans with no warm up. Beyond his impressive flexibility, I was really moved by his passion. He was clearly very sincere about the positive impact yoga has had on his life, and he wanted to share it. He also shared a bevy of testimonials for his program. Guys who had lost buckets of fat and gotten very strong and limber.

I wasn’t interested in using yoga to “shake up” my workouts, but I did want to give it a go for rehab. For the past year or so—I’m not sure exactly when it started—my left hip has slowly been killing me more and more. My piriformis, glutes, and hip flexors are tight. I feel it when I walk, but it’s very noticeable when I squat and push my knees apart. If I’m lying in bed, bend my knees and let my legs fall to the sides, it feels like my thigh is a lobster claw and someone’s breaking it off for dinner.

I have stretched my hip and rolled it and had ART done to it, but nothing seemed to make any noticeable or lasting difference.

I started doing DDP Yoga two weeks ago, and it instantly felt better. I mean before the first workout was over! I suddenly had a pain-free range of motion I hadn’t had in years. And it’s not just because I was working out and had pumped blood into my hip. I’ve been warmed up for squatting and it still hurt. This stuff is pretty amazing.

So I’ve been using his DVDs on my own time. I don’t have to go to a yoga studio and look stupid—if I fall, I just fall on my own floor in my own apartment. (Although, honestly, I’m not too bad at it.) Making time has been a little tough, but when I’m feeling lazy I think back to the message in my last post. If it’s important to me, I must find a way, no matter the lack of convenience. I get up earlier and do the routine or I do it when I get home, regardless of how late.

DDP Yoga comes on several DVDs and in different packages, and the way they’re selling it is a little confusing. Some discs have some workouts and others have different ones, but they all seem to cover beginner to advanced levels. Some of the workouts are designed to really work you out—get your heart rate up and burn fat. Others are focused on strength, particular weak points (like core), or rehab. I’ve opted for the rehab angle, as offered on the DDP Extreme DVD set, which features the “Hip, Back, and Knee Opener” workout. This is the one I’ve really been hitting hard.

This new tag team is going to shock the world!SeanDDP

It’s got all the classic yoga poses like warrior and down dog, but presented with DDP’s unique brand of wrestling charisma. When reaching your arms overhead, you make his famous “Diamond Cutter” hand gesture. Lying back on the mat is called “pinfall”, the piriformis stretch with one leg crossed over the other is “figure-four leg lock”… you get the idea.

But Page hasn’t just renamed poses. He’s modified some movements so that guys with big bellies and bad backs can still get a lot out of them. I’ve been to yoga classes where the instructor didn’t take the time to do as much, so kudos to DDP for that alone. The biggest benefit, however, is DDP’s personality. With him talking you through the moves, very unpretentiously, he really helps you enjoy the process of what is essentially stretching and holding a lot of uncomfortable positions. If you’re like me and saying “Namaste” or repeating a mantra doesn’t make this action any easier for you, you’ll like that DDP grunts and squirms his way through. It’s very honest. Consider also how mobile the man is, versus how crippled he used to be, and you can fully appreciate how much yoga can do to help you—no matter how bad the shape you’re in now.

So what is the big advantage to yoga over stretching and other kinds of mobility work? Well, I can’t say the spiritual aspect here, as DDP skips all that. I think it goes back to the idea that stability must precede mobility. If your muscles are strong enough to stabilize a joint position, they’ll let you move into that position more easily. Yoga is as active a kind of stretching as you can do. Trying to touch your toes and other kinds of static stretching only focus on lengthening the muscles you think are tight. But there are usually a host of other muscles they’re connected to that are also tight. Unless everything improves, nothing improves.

I think there’s a strong neural component to it. By getting into a lunge, say, and holding that uncomfortable, not fully balanced position while twisting your torso or raising your arms teaches your nervous system to activate certain muscles to control you through this awkward movement you’re not used to. When you prove to your body that you can control it, it lets you move a little further.

Subsequently, you get stronger and more mobile. I haven’t attempted any handstands yet, but I am more comfortable holding a variety of pretzel-like positions than I was, and now my left hip is much looser. I’m pretty sure I could sit cross-legged for hours with no discomfort. I can hold the classic piriformis stretch (one leg crossed over and bend your torso forward) in a deep position for a long time. I can squat ass to the floor, cold, with no pain. I still feel it a little when I try to push my knees out, so I’m not sure I’m ready for heavy squats again yet, but I’m confident that I’m getting there.

I’ve been doing the workout—which only lasts a little more than 30 minutes—several times a week. Roughly every other day and sometimes on back to back days.

Let me be clear that I DO NOT get paid to endorse DDP Yoga at all. I don’t think the company or Mr. Page himself even know about this blog post. This is just something I’m fooling with that I think can help people. Think of it as a bonus chapter to the free e-book I just put out (which, by the way, everyone in the free world should own).

Pick up DDP Yoga and the Hip, Back, and Knee Opener workout HERE.


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    03 Jul, 2012


    Hi Sean - I had to post because I've also found DDP Yoga to be great for rehab.

    I've been lifting consistently for the last 5 years. I broke a bone in my shoulder doing a new exercise a few months ago and decided to try DDP yoga for part of my rehab. I've already gained 6 inches in flexibility in my shoulder by modifying a bunch of the moves. Best part is I haven't even started Physical Therapy yet.

    I can't say enough good things about his program and am glad to see that you like it as well.


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    04 Jul, 2012


    Hi Sean,

    I've being using DDP Yoga for a wee while now and it immense in such a short time.

    I interviewed DDP for my website and will be putting up reviews of DDP Yoga too.

    It is simply one of the best things I've tried. It helps mobility, flexibility, my sex life, the works!

    Great choice as a partner! DDP is a great guy and always willing to help.

    Looking forward to more.

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    05 Jul, 2012


    Hi Sean, I haven't tried DPP before so I don't know if it works, but I've heard of another great method - muscle activation therapy (MAT). If you've listened to Kiefer's biojacked radio, you'll have heard of it from one of his guests, who's an expert at it.

    I'm not sure if it works, but Kiefer is very complimentary of the guy.

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    09 Jul, 2012

    Sean Hyson

    Thanks guys. Glad other people are having success with this too.

    I understand MAT and I get a similar treatment, ART, which most therapists I know believe is a cut above. It has been extremely helpful to me over the years but it hasn't fixed my hip outright. I hope yoga will.

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    20 Jul, 2012


    Nice review. I found out about DDP Yoga through a friend. I can't wait to try.

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    02 Aug, 2012


    Great blog Sean. I discovered DDPYoga late last year after trying to recover from injuries though physical therapy after injuring my shoulder and leg from weight training. I was skeptical at first but after reading many good reviews I decided to jump in and do it. I was nervous since all I knew was weight training so Yoga was out of my element. What I didn't know was this isn't's a whole different workout with Yoga moves involved. I started I was 209lbs and I had a goal to lose 25lbs, 185lbs was my target. 6 months into the program I'm down 35lbs at about 175lbs today and feel so much better. My injuries are so much better and my flexibility and strength are greatly improved as well. The best part is you can make the workouts as easy or hard as you like and you can modify them to get around injuries as well. No excuses not to do it when all you need is a small area in your own home. I was fortunate enough to meet DDP in June and he's just an incredible person. Very genuine guy and loves to help people and see them succeed. I could really go on for a while but I can't say enough about how great this program is and how many people it's helping. For people that want to lose some weight, increase flexibility or just improve your overall health it's a great program. I'm extremely glad I started the program, wish I had known about it sooner. I would highly recommend checking out if you want to know more. You can see clips of all the workouts so you get a feel for the program and the workouts. Certainly encourage people to check it out.

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    02 Aug, 2012

    David Permenter

    DDP Yoga is one leg of a three-legged stool. There is the fitness program (yoga), the nutritional part and the ever-important DDP community support. The community is a reflection of Dallas' character, values, drive and a host of other great qualities. The support between the members is incredibly sincere, humble and overwhelmingly (in a good way) positive. There is no one whom I would not recommend this to...

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    12 Jan, 2013

    William Hunnell

    I've been on the program since May 2012. At that time I was pending knee surgery and was able to do the workouts and see great results within 30 days.

    Had my surgery on June 28 2012 (arthroscopic for meniscus repair and cleaning out)... within 10 days I was back on the mat.

    When I did my follow up the Doc asked me what I'd been doing for rehab... I told him... he suggested I keep on doing it because my range of motion and knee strength was well beyond what he expected that soon after surgery.... BANG

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    28 Feb, 2013


    Hi..i don't know how to start...
    shall i begin with beginner or intermediate..three months ago i did insanity and some of p90x then i stopped coz of my rotator cuff injury in my left hand..

    will this help me..and i watched the video..many of the workouts i cant do..i don't have any kind of flexibility ..i cant touch my toes I even cant reach half the way!!

    am 180 cm tall and 78 Kg wight

    plz kindly and advise is highly appreciate it

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    03 Nov, 2013


    Hi I have never written on one of these before so I hope it goes ok. Not sure about rules if any. I had brain surgery one year and four months ago. I am a single mother and have been since I was 22yrs. My son and are have basically grown up together. Before him I was all about self as hard as that is to admit. I had a great body, was one of the (before cool) women to have great muscle. After having him, the lose of my mother, family home, etc I had to pay less attention to my dreams and more to raising a good man on my own. I would implement workouts with him when I could...bla bla I worked and raised my son. Unfortunately when he was 3 i was diagnosed with cancer which is not an issue any longer. I don't ignore having it and do what I'm suppose to but I think positive and feel that keeps things right. I finally was in a place that I was making good money...well enogh for us and could save. Then I started not feeling great. I was putting on body fat and didn't know why. I am vain so that bothered me more then the headaches, dizziness etc. I know stupid right. I knew I couldn't miss work I also knew I just finished paying off my hospital bills from earlier. I just thought it all had to do with that. So I'm leading off point. After one hospital put me through hell for almost two years and told me that my brain was basically deteriorating but in long words I didn't understand, I found myself in search of help I sent my info every place. From Asia, to California, Texas everyplace. By the hands of god my sons friends best friend was the head of neurology at a hospital right in my state. It seemed so fast that I found the doctor I was looking for and here I am writing you this long winded letter. After my surgery I was told I have sjogrins disease, that is some what like Lupus. They told me after that I could SLOWLY start working out. I felt like an old person with NO results. My body looks horrible. I am embarrassed of myself. I have stress because not only of my looks, my age and almost a million in hospital bills I saw your commercial. Even though I shouldn't have bought it in my financial situation I did. I'm looking forward to seeing results although I don't have the heart monitor that you have I think it will be ok. The problem that I am forced to admit is that I don't have the books about the workouts. I think they were accidentally thrown away. I pulled an image of one up from the net but can't read it that well. Is their a way I can download or have one sent to me? I'm not sure if you send answers in here or how it goes but I hope so. I'm looking forward to seeing great results soon! Thanx for your time.

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    21 Apr, 2014


    hey Y"all after a year of waiting and watching DDP yoga in the media I bit the bullet and decided it may help rehab my shoulder or at least offer a workout I could get through as most upper body exercise has been verboten to me foe about 3 month now all i can say is WOW what a program its fantastic i cant belive the workout I get standing in my livingroom its a must for everyone I've been pushing weight for 26 yrs now and this is one of the best workouts i've ever tried ya know that feeling you get after a killer leg workout your wiped out but feel like you own the world this program leaves you with that feeling after every workout. TRY IT

  12. Gravatar

    02 Oct, 2014


    Hey everyone. Just letting you guys know that if you live in the deep south. DDP is coming to knoxville. RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY!

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