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July/August 2015

Truth About Strength Training on Fox 5

I appeared on Fox 5 with Duke Castiglione and Mike Woods to give fitness tips for 2015 and discuss The Truth About Strength Training.

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Fitness tips for 2015

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Fox 5 Arm Posedown

I went on Fox 5 just before New Year 2015 to judge an “arm-off” between anchor Duke Castiglione and weatherman Mike Woods.

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Castiglione vs. Woods

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Bigger Smaller Bigger Interview

If you’re an MMA fan, you’ve had to marvel at how some fighters are able to cut weight in just hours for a weigh-in, and then re-inflate themselves in time for the fight. Want to know how they do it?

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John Romaniello interview series

John Romaniello is one of the great young minds in the fitness industry today. He’s a fat loss expert who stays in peak shape year-round. Here we discuss everything from how to build a successful online fitness empire to simultaneous...

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Sean on The Dr. Steve Show

My segment on the Dr. Steve Show, WPIX11 in New York. I discussed equipment to use in your home gym.


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Missoula interview, Part II

Missoula, Montana, strength coach Mike Scialabba talks about food quality and feats of strength.

Missoula Underground Coach, Part II from Sean Hyson on Vimeo.

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Missoula Underground Strength Coach

Mike Scialabba is a strength coach in Missoula, Montana. He was once a heavy drug user but is now, like me, obsessed with natural living and grass-fed beef—so he’s been to both extremes. Along the way...

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Diet Like a Movie Star

Valerie Waters talks about how celebs drop weight fast.

Diet Like a Movie Star from Sean Hyson on Vimeo.

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Val Waters on her circuits for celebs

Valerie Waters, a celebrity trainer in Hollywood, talks to me about the kinds of circuits she uses with clients like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.

Val Waters talks circuit training from Sean Hyson on Vimeo.

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Renegade Gym and the 405 squat

This was a big day for me. MF editorial assistant Dean Stattmann, cameraman Andrew Fitzgerald, Jon Hinds of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium, and I went to Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Gym in Watchung, NJ. What followed was an hour or more...

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Meet Nate Green

Nate Green

Here’s an interview I did with Nate Green, an editor at and the author of Built For Show. He’s the kind of guy who makes you realize how much more you could be doing with your life if you...

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