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Make Your Shaker Bottle Not Smell Like Sh!t

There’s more evidence that protein, particularly whey, has value for building muscle and helping you lose fat than any other supplement you’ll see on the shelves at a GNC. That’s why I’ve always recommended protein supps and hardly ever recommended any other kinds of supplements.


This. Stuff. Works.

The catch with drinking protein shakes is what happens when you get lazy and leave them to sit in the sink overnight. (Or worse, you forget about them in your gym bag.) They will ferment and unleash a smell that is probably the worst odor on earth. Honestly, without any exaggeration, it’s the foulest smell I’ve ever come across—and it lingers!


You have to wash your shaker bottle many, many times with a very powerful detergent to get that stench out, and even then, if you really get your nose in it, you’ll smell that it’s still there. It leeches right into the plastic!


I know I’ve thrown many a bottle away over the years because I couldn’t stand the smell, and I know how expensive and annoying it is to replace them.


And then one day, about a year ago, we came across a product at Muscle&Fitness whose sole purpose was to get rid of that odor.


“Yeah, right,” I thought. “You’d need some industrial cleaning agent—something they use on the floors of a slaughterhouse—to get the smell of old whey protein out of plastic.”


Then I tried it.


First of all, the product worked. It cut right through that smell, turning the plastic into a grove of oranges. Not only did the bottle not smell like death, it smelled good. I was amazed.


Second, the cleaner didn’t contain any heavy chemicals. It’s citrus-based, so it’s kind of like rubbing a lemon in your bottle, but much easier to use, which brings me to my third point.


It works fast! Within 20 seconds your shaker bottle literally smells like new. The smell doesn’t come back—you’re good to go.


I recently got in touch with the owner of the company that makes this cleaner, Tom, and told him what a fan I am. He was cool enough to send me a bunch of cleaner and a shaker bottle, so I’m pretty sure I’ll never have to throw another bottle away because it reeks beyond repair. I’m sure the environment would thank me for that (if the environment could talk).

Here’s a quick-step guide I made to de-funkifying your bottle using Purify.


Anyway… I’m running a sale on my Truth About Strength Training book this week, from Black Friday through Monday, and I want to give buyers a special deal on this product as a bonus.

It’s called Purify, and Tom has agreed to sell a bottle of it, along with a fresh new shaker bottle for your protein shakes, for 25% OFF. In fact, he’ll give you 25% off on ALL PURCHASES on his site.


TTAST is back on sale at 20% off.

My TTAST book will be 20% off. So between the two of them, you’re saving around $10 on some already low-priced products that will make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE in your training.


To sum up, here’s what you get, starting FRIDAY:


20% off The Truth About Strength Training, which includes…





  • a 12-week workout program
  • a diet plan for muscle gain or fat loss
  • a full explanation of fitness myths to look out for and the handful of laws you MUST follow to make gains
  • a bonus book of interviews with fitness models on how to get ripped
  • a bonus book of commonly asked training, nutrition and general fitness questions, with answers from some of the best minds in the industry
  • printable workout log sheets to track your progress


25% off a bottle of Purify cleaner and a blender bottle to go with it.


So here’s how it works. When you buy TTAST, I’ll send you a promo code to use at Get your discounted ebook, cleaning solution, and shaker bottle and go get in the best shape of your life.


Pick up TTAST HERE this week only. The sale starts Friday Nov 27.


And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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