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Only Read If You’re a Man or Woman That Is Tired of Broken Promises, Fads, Quick Fixes, “Magic” Diets, And Detoxes That Bring Frustration, Ups and Downs, An Injured Body And A Confused Mind…

If You’re Finally Ready To Transform With Science-Based Training That Works In The Real World And Is Coached By Someone That Cares And Will Take You Every Step Of The Way, Then Read This…


Chances are you’ve already tried a good workout program.

You may know how to eat healthy, too.

So why haven’t you gotten the results you wanted?

The answer: you were alone.

You’re not being held accountable to anyone, so you have no real incentive to succeed.


Let me tell you a QUICK story…

Shortly after I started working for Men’s Fitness magazine, I suggested to my editors that we create our own branded transformation program. Readers were always writing in asking for our help getting in shape, and I thought I had the solution to help all of them. My plan was to put each applicant on an expert-written workout and diet program, send him free supplements, sit back, and watch the success stories pour in.

So that’s what we did.

And do you know how many successful clients we ended up with?

ZERO. Not a damn one. Because NOBODY stuck to the program.

They all quit. Here they had a once-in-a-lifetime chance that millions of fitness-seekers around the world would have killed for, and they completely blew it.

Now do I blame them? Does it mean they were all weak-minded, pathetic people who would never achieve their goals? Not at all. They just didn’t have anyone to help them make sense of it all and see it through.

It’s just like that old saying: “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” I was offering access to the best information possible, but without showing these clients how to apply it day-to-day in the real world, and giving them someone to discuss it with, they were lost.

It was like gifting them a brand new Ferrari and then sending them down a road that led nowhere. Pointless.

Now that I’ve become a coach myself, I understand how important the relationship is between a trainer and a client, and that COMMUNICATION, not any particular exercise, diet, or set and rep scheme, is the biggest factor in determining success.


Welcome to the Fitness Distilled Online
Coaching Program!


Look, I’ve been telling the stories of people who have made amazing fitness transformations—gaining muscle, losing fat, or making huge strength gains—for more than a decade in the magazines I write for, and one theme is common to them all: accountability.

The men and women you see change their bodies (and their lives) ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE IN THEIR CORNER, be it a family member, a significant other, a workout partner, or a coach.

No one makes it alone.

Now hold on… I’m not saying fit people get their motivation from anyone else. That still comes from within. No one can make you get up at 5 a.m. in the dead of winter to do cardio when no one else is looking. YOU have to want change for yourself more than anyone else could want it for you.

But everyone who ever rebuilt his/her body dramatically AND for the long-term had someone they could turn to for guidance, encouragement, and friendship—especially when they were feeling confused, discouraged, or isolated.

And let’s be honest, fitness CAN be isolating. No one knows better than me how eating right and getting enough rest can cramp your social life.

So if you don’t have someone to count on, and who’s counting on YOU, you’ll end up lost.

Here’s the TRUTH about getting in shape, and EVERY smart trainer who’s being honest will tell you the same:

The number of reps you do or the grams of protein you eat isn’t half as important as being prepared to handle the mental strain that comes with the discipline of diet and exercise.

That’s what a trainer is REALLY there for. Not to count your reps or show you how to do a bench press, but to make sure you show up to your workouts and have someone you TRUST to check in with throughout the process of working toward your goals.

That’s why TERRIBLE trainers can still get great results with clients. Their programs may suck, but the RELATIONSHIP they’ve built keeps the client coming back for the workouts and putting in the effort that yields gains.

The “Perfect” Workout is not the answer!

Yeah, you can probably do better than the one you’re following now, but the best program in the world won’t work if you don’t hit it consistently and with effort.

All kinds of workouts work. How else can you explain why people see results from so many programs that are totally different from one another? It’s not the science behind the workout that matters most, it’s the ADHERENCE to the workout itself.

The “Perfect” Diet is not the Answer!

You already know you should eat grilled chicken and salad instead of pizzas and fries, so why can’t you lose that gut?

You don’t need someone to tell you what to eat as much as you need help making the right decisions and eating healthy when you would normally cave in to temptation.


THE ANSWER IS: hiring a coach who keeps you focused.


Apply for Coaching Now!




As a coach, I…


Cover all the details.

No more wondering what your next workout should be or how many calories you need to eat. I do all the problem-solving so all you have to do is carry out the plan.

Keep you on task.

If you start slacking, I’ll come down on you for it. Yes, we do this remotely, and you and I may never meet face to face, but I’ll check in with you regularly to make sure you’re putting in the work…

Grow along with you.

Your workouts will be personalized, so they’ll evolve regularly to account for changing goals, time constraints, injuries, or anything else that comes up in your life. You won’t just get a piece of paper with a workout on it and be turned loose in the gym, left to find your own way. We’re in it together.

Offer support.

In addition to providing accountability, I’m here simply to listen as well. It’s not uncommon for friends and family to be discouraging and critical—even when you ARE getting great results. Balancing the emotions that come with success is just as important as handling those that come with struggle, and I can help you stay on an even keel.


In short, as a coaching client, you get ME.

As a guide, a confidante, and a cheerleader. A person who’s already done what you want to do and learned how to do it the FASTEST, SIMPLEST, SMARTEST way possible.

I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.) whose job it is to pick the brains of the best strength training and nutrition minds in the world. I’ve spent more than a decade studying how to get dramatic, body-changing results fast, and I’ve done just that with several friends and clients.

Keith F.

“I gained two inches on my chest, one inch on my shoulders, and three-quarters of an inch on my arms while my waist stayed the same! I put 40 pounds on my deadlift and 20 on my bench in 12 weeks.”

Keith F.
Arlington, Va. Orthopedic surgical sales rep

Tyler S

“I went from 193 to 178 pounds in 12 weeks. I got to 9% body fat and put 30 pounds on my squat and an incredible 65 pounds on my deadlift, finally hitting 405 pounds. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with the results. And I did no cardio whatsoever other than trying to walk around as much as possible on the weekends!”

Tyler S.
Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. High school baseball coach

“Working with Sean I was able to lose over 15 pounds in 3 months despite a very hectic schedule without losing muscle. Sean cares about his clients and is motivated to see them succeed.”

Darren Chiappetta
coordinating producer for WWE



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As a Coaching Client, you will Receive:


A customized, expert-designed workout program.

I’m in correspondence with the top fitness experts in the world. I can write you a workout that gets results fast and prevents injury
(or helps rehab injuries you do have).

A customized, flexible diet plan.

 You’ll learn exactly how much to eat of which kinds of foods and how to estimate your portions for ease and simplicity. I’ll show you how to eat out at restaurants and on the go and tell you when and how to cheat so you not only don’t wreck your diet but you actually burn MORE fat.


It’s not enough to know what to do in the gym; you also have to know how to do it. I provide precise instructions on exercise technique, including videos, for total accuracy. While I can’t be there in person to guide you, I do the next best thing, making myself available to answer questions and, above all, provide ACCOUNTABILITY so that you see the process through to success and all your goals are achieved.

Full access.

Just because I’m not standing over your shoulder counting reps doesn’t mean I won’t be with you all the way. I am available daily and can respond to email requests WITHIN 24 HOURS. Have a question about your workout? Email Sean. Need a substitution exercise to do while you’re traveling and only have a hotel gym to use? Email Sean. Tweaked your back bending over? Email Sean.

Most personal trainers charge hundreds of dollars per week for in-person training. You’ll spend a mere fraction of that for a month with me, plus get access to all the cutting edge, high-end, road-tested information that I do on a daily basis given my day job as a fitness editor.



This Program Is For:

  • Self-motivated, hard-working men and women who want to gain muscle/lose fat and build strength (and yes, see their abs and look good naked)
  • Overall healthy people who can perform conventional weight training exercises using free weights, bands, and their own body weight

This Program Is NOT For:

  • People who are unsure of their goals or need constant hand-holding. You must be highly motivated to succeed on your own. I’m a good coach, but I can’t “give” you the body of your dreams. You have to be responsible for yourself.
  • People with serious illnesses/injuries that prevent them from training with weights and working hard. Aches and pains are OK, but you need to be healthy enough to train aggressively. NO body-weight, TRX, or band-only programs.
  • Those who can’t devote AT LEAST THREE HOURS PER WEEK to strength training.
  • Those who aren’t willing to prepare their own meals. (Note that I won’t ask you to prepare all your own food, but you can’t eat out all the time and expect to be lean.)


If you’ve tried countless other programs and couldn’t get the results you wanted, either because the program failed you or you failed the program, this is your chance to be held to a standard that makes you succeed.

Let me help you.


Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S.
Training Director, Men’s Fitness and Muscle&Fitness
Online fitness coach


Mark C.

“I applied for Sean’s transformation after several years of training with no real results to show for it. I’ve tried more programs and diets than I can remember… Sean’s 90-day program helped me get it together and get great results in a short amount of time. The workouts were great—challenging but without leaving me feeling destroyed. The diet was simple to follow and not restrictive at all… But the best part for me was having Sean on hand to answer all my questions when I needed it… I can’t thank him enough.”

Mark C.
Whitby, North Yorkshire, England

Konish Dutta

“Sean based my workouts around my previous shoulder injuries. Most of the free programs I’ve checked out before working with Sean focused more on pushing than pulling, and I’m sure that’s one of the reasons why I injured my shoulder in the first place.

“I was able to go from barely doing 3×5 glute-ham raises to knocking out sets of 10–12. When I started, I could barely get 10 parallel grip chin-ups. After three months, I maxed out with 70 pounds of added weight. I would encourage anyone to work with Sean if they want a deeper understanding of strength training.”

Konish Dutta
San Francisco, CA

Jeb Stuart Johnston

“I can’t speak highly enough about Sean’s methodology. He helped propel me from a skinny-fat sad ass to a nationally-ranked bad ass—according to my nephew, anyway! When I met Sean, I was a guy who could barely squat his own body weight. Less than a year later, I’m a veteran of the North American Strongman National Championships. Look, I’m 36. I’m athletically average. I’m not a genetic specimen. In fact, I’m a hairdresser in Manhattan! So if Sean can turn me into a National Championship competitor, what can he do for you?”

Jeb Stuart Johnston
hairdresser and trainer, New York City

Jake Steinfeld

“Sean understands that fitness isn’t just sets, reps, and protein shakes. To change someone’s body, you have to get them to change their mind, too. Sean is a great motivator with a tremendous passion for helping people, and he has the right ideas about what they need to achieve their goals.”

Jake Steinfeld
founder, Body By Jake, and creator of the personal fitness training industry

Shawn Perine

“In all my years in fitness, I’ve met few people with as comprehensive an understanding of all the various training principles as Sean. And not only does he have an intellectual grasp on them, but a practical understanding too, as he’s a dyed-in-the-wool workout fanatic with a passion for self-improvement. So if he tells you to try a technique or a training system, odds are he’s already given it a test drive himself and can describe intricacies in its application others can’t. I’m a fan!”

Shawn Perine
Editor-in-chief, Muscle&Fitness, Muscle&Fitness Hers, and Flex magazines

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