Sean Hyson

Fitness Distilled

July/August 2014
  • Advice For Training Your Girlfriend


    At some point in your relationship, your girlfriend is going to ask you to train her.

    Don’t do it.

    Whether she knows about working out already or still thinks frozen yogurt is health food (“it’s totally NOT the same as ice cream!”), she’s going to ask your advice...

  • Why Skinny Women Aren’t Better


    I just had a reaction to something I heard on the street last night and I wanted to write it down before I stopped being angry about it. Granted, the guy I heard say it was probably drunk and not thinking but the thought still warrants a beat-down type of...

  • This Is How To Eat


    It’s true that no “perfect” diet exists to suit everyone, and suggesting as much will just start an argument. But what I’ll lay out here is extremely close to perfect, whoever you are. If your goal is to get bigger and stronger, or to retain muscle while losing fat, this...

  • Don’t Forget What You Do This For


    I had a conversation with a friend not too long ago that made me feel bad for him. He told me how he couldn’t believe summer was almost here, and that he was in no shape to be taking his shirt off in public.

    Arnold at his physical best.


    “What are you...

  • Glutes, Strength, and Studies with Bret Contreras


    Bret Contreras does a lot of a fitness editor’s homework for him. In addition to being a very well-respected strength coach, he runs a service that collects all the best new research on fitness and nutrition, translates it to plain English, and summarizes it for the rest of us. Kind...