Sean Hyson

Fitness Distilled

July/August 2015
  • The Facts of (Lifting) Life


    These are some musings on fit people, and truths that in some cases I took a long time to discover. Feel free to email me some new ones to add to the list ( and I’ll keep it going...

    #1 No man who ever built a great physique...

  • Studies That May Surprise You


    Fitness just wouldn’t be fitness if it didn’t contradict itself every few weeks. Eggs are good for you, then they’re bad, and then they’re good again… You have to squat, bench, and deadlift, or maybe you shouldn’t at all….

    You know how it goes.

    But I came across three...

  • Which Split Is Best?


    Everyone knows you’re supposed to train a different body part every day. So your workout split should be chest on Monday, back Tuesday, legs Wednesday, shoulders Thursday, arms Friday, and then repeat.

    Or maybe it’s…

    The more often you can work a muscle, the faster it will grow. So you...

  • When Weaker Is Better


    Everybody’s hurting these days. I’m not just talking about those suffering from the sluggish economy or this harsh winter, but about us fitness folk who are trying to build muscle and lose fat despite some nagging aches and pains. It seems everyone I talk to nowadays is injured to some...

  • The PROOF About Strength Training


    It’s rare that a study comes out with really helpful findings regarding muscle gain and fat loss. It’s rarer still when those findings are exactly what you hoped would be found and back up pretty much everything you’ve been saying for a long time.


    I recently came across such a study...