Sean Hyson

Fitness Distilled

April/May 2014
  • Glutes, Strength, and Studies with Bret Contreras


    Bret Contreras does a lot of a fitness editor’s homework for him. In addition to being a very well-respected strength coach, he runs a service that collects all the best new research on fitness and nutrition, translates it to plain English, and summarizes it for the rest of us. Kind...

  • Coaching Q&A


    Since I started doing some official online coaching, I’ve gotten a lot of the same training and nutrition questions. Rather than repeat myself many times in many emails, I thought I’d put together an FAQ of sorts so everybody can benefit.

    Here goes…


    Q: “What diet should I be on?”

    A: I can’t...

  • When Bodybuilders Attack...


    I started doing online coaching a few weeks ago and I now have a number of clients following a program to build muscle and lose fat. Regardless of their level, when people come to me for a workout, I usually start them on a plan that keeps the volume per...

  • Let Me Train You, For Free


    People have been asking me for years to do online fitness coaching, and I have finally given in.

    Let’s do it.

    I’m looking for volunteers to undergo a 12-week transformation program. I will write you workouts and provide a diet plan and be available by e-mail as needed to guide...

  • Everything That Ever Helped Me Lose Fat


    I think I may have stumbled on the beginnings of a potentially interesting series with my last post—“Everything That Ever Helped My Deadlift”.

    I’ll give you my personal experience with a number of different fitness topics so you can see how it might apply to you. This time: fat loss. I’ve...