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Happy New Year! Now let’s get a few things straight…

I released an ebook in October called The Truth About Strength Training (TTAST). It contains a 12-week workout plan and a diet, as well as my whole philosophy on building muscle and losing fat (plus 2 bonus books). I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful feedback on the program, but there have been some haters too. The “hate” usually comes from thinking the program offers one kind of training and then finding out it’s something different.

Would these pecs lie to you?

Would these pecs lie to you?

If you’re looking for a new workout to start 2015 with, of course I’d like you to consider making it TTAST—and I just lowered the price to $19.99 this week only so you can take full advantage. But I don’t want you to waste your time or money doing a program you don’t enjoy or that simply isn’t right for you. So this post will give you a glimpse at what the book offers and how it works.


TTAST is based around heavy barbell lifts.

It is NOT a straight-up powerlifting program, although it does focus on the squat, bench, and deadlift, so it can be used to make you a better powerlifter, if that’s what you want.

It progresses you over the course of 12 weeks to working with very heavy weights and setting new PR’s, particularly 1-rep maxes. Now, if you can’t squat, bench, or deadlift due to injury, I do provide some alternatives, but you may want to consider a program that doesn’t revolve around boosting the big lifts. I will probably release something like this later this year, because I now understand how problematic classic barbell training is for so many people.


TTAST cannot be done with just body weight or dumbbells, and probably shouldn’t be done in a home gym.

Since you’re lifting heavy weights, there really is no substitute for Olympic barbells and squat racks on this plan. You’ll need a back extension bench, too, and some bands. I recommend you train with people who can spot you, or at least have a really solid home gym setup. Some people have asked me if I can modify the workouts for just dumbbells or body weight, and the simple answer is that it would just be easier to write you something from scratch—which I will gladly do as I’m now offering online coaching again.


TTAST is NOT a low-carb diet.

In the past I have advised cutting out carbs to lose weight. Those days are over, and I admit I was wrong. The TTAST nutrition program has you eating  a lot of carbs, even if you want to lose weight, so don’t expect a Paleo approach or anything extreme. I advise pretty much the same macros and foods that made Arnold and all the other great physique athletes legendary, with some modifications made for better digestion and to avoid food intolerances which are so common today.


TTAST does NOT include HIIT.

I don’t require anyone do high-intensity intervals for cardio. I don’t really require anyone to do any cardio. I think it’s a nice touch, because it is healthy activity for the heart, but it won’t make much of a difference in your plan to get lean. I discuss some of the problems with cardio in the book.

So if you’re looking for a program akin to what you see on fitness TV shows, TTAST is DEFINITELY not for you. In fact, you’ll hate it. There aren’t any circuits, giant sets, or box jumps. I’m not saying these things suck. I just don’t use them in this program. My goal with TTAST was to get people in shape—and strong—with the minimum amount of work.

My program will definitely set off all lunk alarms in a 10-mile radius. That’s actually what it was designed to do.

My program will definitely set off all lunk alarms in a 10-mile radius. That’s actually what it was designed to do.

TTAST works fine for women too.

It’s true that I don’t have many testimonials from women on the power of TTAST. That doesn’t mean it didn’t work for them. The problem, I’ve found, is that even when women get great results, they’re often still too self-conscious about their bodies to show it off—and I understand that. But the fact is, women have and are following the program and making progress similar to the men, and as I explain in the book, there’s little to no differences in the way men and women respond to exercise anyway. Muscle is muscle. It grows in women just like it grows in men (albeit more slowly because women don’t have as much testosterone).


Miscellaneous facts:

The TTAST workouts take between 40 and about 75 minutes, depending on how strong you are and how much time you need to warm up.

There are 4 workouts per week.

The diet is high in protein, moderate to high in carbs, and moderate to low in fat.

There are no supplements required for it.

There is no cardio required for it.

There is no special equipment required for it, apart from what you’ll find in a reasonably well-stocked commercial gym.

The program will help you hit new PR’s on the squat, bench press, and deadlift, and some of their variants.

The program will get you laid and make you cooler than you currently are.*

*I can’t guarantee this last point but it’s a hunch I have.

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