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The Truth About Strength Training is HERE

This post is to officially announce the launch of my ebook, The Truth About Strength Training, and its bonuses.

Here’s the truth.

Here’s the truth.


I’m extremely proud of this product and all that went into it, and I know that it’s going to debunk a lot of myths, slaughter a few sacred cows, and answer a lot of questions people have had about diet and exercise for a long time.

So you’re probably wondering, “What IS the truth about strength training?”

Well, I’m glad you asked :-)

The truth is—and I won’t even ask you to buy the book to learn it—that most of what you’ve been led to believe is so important for gaining muscle and losing fat makes little to NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL.

That’s right. All the articles about what diet you have to follow or what program you need have probably convinced you that you’re not doing enough to see your goals, when the reality is that you’re probably OVERDOING it and that’s what’s holding you back.

Now I’m not some infomercial huckster trying to sell you a chair that works your abs. I’m not going to tell you that watching the sex scenes in Game Of Thrones is raising your heart rate as high as it needs to go to burn fat. I know as well as you do that changing your body requires brutally hard work on a consistent basis, but I’ll bet almost anything you’re still taking the whole process too damn seriously.

You’re overanalyzing your training, overthinking your diet, and trying to do too much at once. Too many exercises, too many programs, too many experts in your ear. You need to simplify.

You need to clear your mind and, as Ty Webb from Caddyshack taught us, “Be the bar.” (Well, if lifting had been his hobby instead of golf, that’s what he would have said.)



”Na na na na na na na na…”


The truth about strength training is that everything CAN work, a few things work better than others, and nothing else makes a damn bit of difference in the long run.




Intermittent fasting? It’s not the best way to diet.

Low-carb diets? They’re not the Holy Grail of fat loss.

High-volume body-part splits? They’re not the most efficient path to muscle mass, and they’re terrible for getting stronger.

“Fat-burning workouts”? They’re a joke.


Buying my book will save you 100x the money you’d waste following these lies.


The path to the body you want is in there, and the map reads like this:

Get on a simple, progressive overload program that allows you to get stronger long-term. Not for a few weeks, but for months on end. In fact, the system of periodization I employ works indefinitely. I’m STILL using it. Been on it for years.

Follow a simple, natural, healthy diet that doesn’t restrict you from any particular nutrient or food group. This is the only way you’ll be able to stay on a nutrition plan for the length of time you need to see results!

Identify and address weaknesses that can cause injury and hurt your technique on certain lifts, thereby reducing your ability to get stronger and activate the most muscle.

Generally be consistent, listen to your body, and avoid the stupid nonsense that you read on the Internet that would otherwise throw you off your game.


The Truth About Strength Training shows you everything you need to do AND everything you need to forget about. And it works like a charm.

You probably read about Tyler’s success with it in a post I put up over the summer, but here’s a reminder of his results.

Tyler back

Tyler’s results


Here’s another graduate of the program, Keith, who gained 2 INCHES ON HIS CHEST in 12 weeks.




And how about Mark, who got the best results of his life.









And then there’s me.

When I wrote the workouts for what would become the Truth About Strength Training program, I decided I would do them with the coaching clients I prescribed them to. I wasn’t in major need of a physique transformation, but it had been a while since I had fully committed to a nutrition program. I wanted to go through what my clients were as an act of solidarity, but also to prove that MY SHIT WORKS.


[[Try the first 4 weeks FREE by signing up below]]


This is where I started, about 235 pounds and a little soft.

Sean  before

Sean  before

In 12 weeks I lost more than 30 pounds, squatted 441 (only 9 pounds shy of my all time best, at 230 pounds), and overhead pressed 180.

I did NO cardio beyond simply walking. I ate more than 300 grams of carbs EVERY DAY, and I rested as I pleased between sets of most of my lifts (I didn’t follow any goofy circuits that made me puke in a bucket afterward).


And I’m 32 years old with 15 years’ training under my belt. Not some 19 year-old punk who can grow doing anything. I’ve NEVER been accused of having good genetics, I have a torn labrum in my hip, and a banged up AC joint that may prevent me from ever benching with a straight bar again. But I still got it done, changed my body, and reached my BEST EVER shape.


Sean after

Sean after


You should too. I WANT you to. I want you to do my workouts and email me saying what a great time you had and how they’ve changed your perspective on training FOREVER. I want you to tell me you’re in the best shape of your life, strong as a bull, and ripped to shreds. No matter what age you are, how little time you have, or what your body has been through.

Now is the time.


The Truth About Strength Training ebook package includes:

An 84-page manual explaining what sucks and what rocks about training and nutrition, so you understand what you REALLY need to do and WHY. As the old saying goes, teach yourself to fish and you’ll feed yourself for a lifetime…

A 12-week workout program focusing on getting strong on the squat, bench press, and deadlift (or their variants if you need substitutions) so you can put up BIG numbers and make big muscle gains.

Photos of each exercise so you can see good form.

Printable workout sheets so you can take each workout to the gym with you and follow it.

A full nutrition plan, including sample menus for fat loss and muscle gain.

A book of frequently asked fitness questions, answered by some of the best trainers in the world.

A book of advice from three prominent fitness models, appropriately titled “How To Get The Body of A Fitness Model.”


And probably a lot more. I’m just so excited I can’t remember!

The truth

The truth

Pick up The Truth About Strength Training HERE. It’s on sale for ONLY $19.99 this week but will go up to its normal price of $29.99 on SUNDAY at 10 a.m., so save 10 bucks and buy it now.

Honestly, I asked the advice of a prominent Internet marketing coach about what the price of TTAST should be. He told me the package was worth as much as $70 and I SHOULD sell it for around $40. But I wanted to keep the price down because last summer I promised subscribers to my newsletter that I would sell it FOR CHEAP. The fact is, I want to put this book into as many hands as I can and I don’t want anyone to be “priced out”.

Buy the book, use it, and let it work for you. Then come and be my next testimonial.

Get The Truth About Strength Training, ON SALE now.

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